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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A poem for "Jimmy Sligo" et temps perdu

Larceny of Life
a pram by Donal Callum

It was a lunchtime like many
at that that particular time
perched on a stool reading
the Times the Independent or the Echo
Vicarious Byrne grinning evil
never less than 3 but it was always more

In those days we stole
moments of ecstasy
ripped from days of drudgery
extracted milliseconds of joy
from a subway ride
 a  newspaper article
 a carton of coffee
 a smile or a wink

The Heavy for me, the Tool for you
Stretching lunch hour to two
Creating an existence
separate and parallel
entire and complete
a universe Incomprehensible to others
however dear
So near, yet so far.
9th to 4th Broadway to Bowery

The poet the NYU admin the Boston loony the Turk
Books papers music football the lash
Paddies cops Brits musos firemen journos snow shifters
So good we often went back for afters shooting up again
what we realised wouldn'tcouldn'tshouldn't last forever
every moment precious though doomed to fade
But hey, tomorrow's Friday

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