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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

After 25 years, Good Bye Black 47

Black 47 eh?
 I can't believe it's been 25 years but I remember when they started out playing bars on Avenue A in the East Village which was our neighbourhood. 

Sinead who was a publican's daughter from Cobh, and was Antoinette's pal when they were both employed at Saatchi & Saatchi the ad agency, which was located on the corner of Hudson & Houston. Sinead was a backup singer and used to bang the tambourine for them. Her friend from Cork, Mary,the other banshee backup, was engaged to Tom Hamlin the drummer. One Friday evening Sinead comes home with Antoinette after work and has dinner with us @ our flat on East 3rd Street and afterwards we were sitting around drinking beer and gabbing when Sinead stops suddenly and jumps up: 
"Damn we've got a gig tonight!"., says she. So I says "Calm down" and I asked where and when this gig was, and she says to us "Some bar on Avenue A!"
 She didn't know the name of the venue but I had a slight idea and Antoinette has me walk her over to find the place and make sure she gets in. T'was between 10th & 11th on the west side of A and upon reaching tried to persuade the bouncer fellas that Sinead was in the band whilst Sinead is hopping up and down between them trying to, and eventually succeeding in, catching pal Mary's eye, who had been wondering where she was and what she had been up to and wisely stood near to the front entrance. My contribution to music history thereby accomplished, I buggered off home.
Map of East Village Suites