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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

. We in the USA have been similarly intercoursed by banks, lenders, developers, Wall Street etc. The way it now works is all over the world, the rich can gamble with immense stakes and if they win, keep their profits with no commitment to re-invest any percentage. If they lose their stake in any scheme, no matter how risky or hare-brained, they expect to be paid back in full, often in tax dollars, but it matters not, as long as they dont lose. Is this a childish expectation? Yes, like schoolyard baseball card flipping childish. Unreal? Yes, it is Star Wars death star unreal. Unfair? Well yes but dont ask me, I only lost my job due to Bush destruction of the economy and was forced to sell my house which my wife and I busted our ass to afford, and refurbish ourselves on weekends, but we were lucky, we sold in time at market value. Ask the people who could not sell in time or were turfed out into the street by the greedy, heartless banks and lenders, many of whom were re-paid for losses in Ponzi scheme investments by our tax dollars Ministers, Senators, Represntatives of any type in any country etc cannot be counted on to look out for us, in fact quite the opposite. They know cooperation will be rewarded by other fat cat criminals if not immediately, then certainly. down the line.