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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First attempt at this sort of thing and yes belated, but please remember I was the last one to purchase cd's and have yet to purchase and download audio.
While not quite a luddite or a throwback, I find myself more and more nostalgic for those "temps perdu" as a chap named Proust once opined.  For instance my son sends me clips and articles from the internet concerning computer/interweb/etc. that I must admit I can't decipher the meaning or humour of even though they are ostensibly written in English.

My wife has encouraged this and I thank her for once again pushing me, though deep down I think her ulterior motive is to channel some of my blather in a direction other than towards her tired ears!

I love several things about human existence and culture- cars, guitars, bars, sport, books. Also a part of that list formerly were the smoky comestibles, but I have put those away- in the case of the cigarette habit it has been 19 months since my last 20 pack of Craven "A".

So here's to Leo Fender, Epaminondas Stathopoulos, Paul Bigsby, Alfred Dronge & Paul Mann, the Maserati Brothers, Nicola Romeo, Lionel Martin, Ernest, Graham, Joseph, Ian, King Kenny, Stevie G, the Lord of the Wing, Henrik, Barnesie, Rush, Aldridge, Hunt, St John, Shanks, Paisley and Jock......

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